About McCarthy
Diversity & Inclusion

Our Difference Makes Us Stronger.

Imagine a city skyline where all buildings are the same size, shape and color...where the only tourist attraction is the overwhelmingly one dimensional nature of the architecture. A company built on sameness is as inspiring to clients and potential employees as a city of one dimension...

In our quest to be The Best Builder in America, McCarthy strives to create and maintain an inclusive environment that reflects the diversity of the larger community in which we work and from which we benefit. Our efforts toward this end are evident in our recruiting efforts, our supplier diversity and mentoring programs, and our community service activities.

Diversity Brings Richness of Perspective

At McCarthy, we look to our differences to bring a richness of perspective. This drives innovative solutions for our clients and improves our understanding of the world in which we work. Those differences may include race, age, gender, religion, lifestyle, sexual orientation or disability. Our day-to-day business environment enables individuals to contribute their best work, resulting in a myriad of creative ideas that are anything but one dimensional. By continually challenging the notion of sameness, we embrace innovation and strengthen our competitive position in the marketplace.

McCarthy's Diversity and Inclusion Commitment is to:

  • Build accountability for diversity and inclusion throughout the organization
  • Recruit, retain and develop talented people
  • Drive understanding, education, awareness and appreciation
  • Create an environment where all can feel part of the plan
  • Always remain receptive to new ideas and perspectives that support our mission and goals
  • Proactively seek diverse subcontractors to participate on McCarthy projects
  • Identify and utilize diverse suppliers that can support our procurement needs
  • Support our communities through mentoring and outreach

Supplier Diversity and Mentoring

In addition to diversity among our McCarthy family, we take pride in our long-standing commitment to Minority Participation with our project partners. McCarthy works to proactively develop and maintain strong relationships with diverse contractors across the country. Our objective is to develop a diverse and inclusive team on our projects that will perform the highest quality work in a timely fashion for our clients. We believe inclusion benefits the entire community, and we approach this in a variety of ways depending on the specific project and owner goals.

  • We help clients to establish goals
  • We actively solicit prospective bidders
  • We encourage all partners and subcontractors to make minority inclusion a priority
  • We support minority contractors success through formal and informal mentoring efforts
  • We monitor results