About McCarthy
Employee Owners

This is Our Company

At McCarthy, there are no traditional employees. In fact, we own 100% of the company. Our company. All of us. Together.
As employee-owners, we have a unique perspective on every relationship, and every project. Each of us has a stake in the outcome—not just financially, but professionally as well. Because above all else, we take pride in overcoming the challenges our competitors wouldn't dare touch.

So we are always in search of the better way—and doing whatever it takes to perform at our personal best, every day. In a world where brokers prefer to delegate responsibility, we're raising self-reliance and responsibility to a new level. Because that's what a better builder would do.

To us, being a builder first makes all the difference. It's a commitment that connects each of us to a common cause—to always work in the best interests of the clients we serve. And by doing so, serve the best interests of us all.