About McCarthy

Safety is The Most Important Thing We Do Each Day

Safety Works Transparent
Simply put, our number one priority every day, year after year, is to ensure that our employees and team members return home safely to their loved ones each night.

It's partly because we're an employee-owned company where family is a key ingredient—and a company where employees are viewed as our greatest and most valuable asset. But more importantly, we emphasize safety, because simply, it's the right thing to do. All of which means that at McCarthy we've made the quest for a zero injury work environment not just a priority, but instead a core tenet of our company.

As a result, McCarthy has been recognized by the national AGC as the safest large contractor in America.

What Happens When You Make Safety A Key Tenet

The company's total commitment to safety has paid dividends for everyone involved. In every significant measure, McCarthy's safety performance has consistently improved. Our proactive approach to safety has resulted in McCarthy achieving a safety record four times better than the industry average. McCarthy strives to not only be the safest commercial construction company in America, but to improve our safety numbers every single year.

The results only motivate us to push even harder. Our experience modifier (EMR) has produced a credit on our workers' compensation insurance premium for each of the last 12 years.

Partnering For Safety

McCarthy's safety philosophy is built upon the notion that everyone needs to be on the same page for a safety program to work. We've taken that team approach to a new level by partnering with OSHA and becoming part of their Strategic Partnership Program (OSPP)—moving away from traditional enforcement methods and embracing collaborative agreements.

Through OSPP, OSHA and its partners agree to work cooperatively to address critical safety and health issues. This very different approach is proving to be an effective tool for reducing fatalities, injuries, and illnesses in the workplace.