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Healthcare Construction. McCarthy understands the ever-changing landscape of healthcare construction.

We constructed our first hospital more than a century ago, and no other national building company has been involved in healthcare construction projects longer than us.

As America's Healthcare Builder, we've constructed more than 800 significant healthcare facilities and renovated thousands more. Our name consistently appears on Modern Healthcare's Top five list of leading healthcare construction management companies. And you can rest assured that our credentials, experience and in-house expertise benefit every healthcare construction project we undertake.

While many contractors broker critical aspects of a project, we work hands-on with a full staff of preconstruction and construction professionals with expertise in healthcare specifically. We don't leave your schedule, cost or quality to chance. We know how to tackle the unique challenges healthcare construction presents. And most of all, work in a way that ensures uninterrupted patient care and patient, staff and visitor safety.

McCarthy continues to set the standard for healthcare facility construction across America. We strive to build a better solution, every time, every day.

An Integrated Approach To Healthcare Construction Delivery

For the past century, we've been building an unsurpassed knowledge-base of healthcare construction know-how, proven methods of delivery and reliable results. Collaboration starts early, integrating the key members of the hospital staff, design and construction teams to maximize project success. Measuring reliability and performance starts immediately.

McCarthy's healthcare builders then utilize our unique combination of hands-on expertise and state-of-the-art Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) technology to solve the most complex healthcare construction challenges.

The end result? A hospital construction company that delivers projects on schedule and within budget. Of course. With superior quality and a vigilant focus on safety. Absolutely. With a team-driven, client-focused approach. That's McCarthy. Let us show you how our proven healthcare construction approach can best serve your next project and contact us today.

Building Green In An Acute Care Environment

Green building in an acute care environment is intuitive. Patients, staff and visitors expect a healthcare construction site as well as the completed facility to be a healthy environment. Before formal certifications, environmental associations and green trade shows, McCarthy's in-house healthcare specialists were already working in hospitals around the country to make this happen.

  • We led the building industry more than a decade ago in developing and implementing clean air standards for indoor air quality during construction. Current company standards exceed basic LEED requirements.
  • We are the first construction company in America to have a fully integrated Quality Program. We lead the industry with detailed Building Enclosure Coordination and Water Infiltration Prevention Programs to protect your facility.

Read more about our green building construction project experience.

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