Our Work

High Performance/Green

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McCarthy has long been a good steward of the environment. We’ve been creating high-performance buildings for decades, well before LEED became a critical designation for the built environment in our communities. To us, building ‘green’ is just good business for everyone.

So we continue to set new standards for sustainable construction, providing cost and constructability input in a project’s early stages and implementing the latest in sustainable building design via passive solar design, daylighting, alternative energy sources, photovoltaics, recycled materials and high-performance HVAC systems. As leading sustainable builders, we stay abreast of the latest developments—hundreds of our employees are LEED Accredited Professionals, attending our own, in-house training sessions—to help your project team achieve your high performance and green building construction goals.

Our nationwide, high-performance network of sustainable construction initiatives ensures we bring the most advanced green building solutions to each project. Because at McCarthy, green isn’t a trend. It’s an enduring philosophy—and business solution.

Our Green Mission

McCarthy believes the choices we make are not just for today…not just for us, or our clients. The choices we make will leave a legacy for those who will follow us and create new footprints on this earth.

McCarthy's never-ending goal is to be The Best Builder in America. Inherent in this statement is the responsibility to serve as stewards of the environment entrusted to us by those who have come before and will come after by striving to become one of the best sustainable construction companies in America. Our commitment revolves around four basic tenets:

  • Weaving sustainability into the fabric of all company operations
  • Encourage all clients and partners to incorporate sustainable building design and construction methods regardless of project goals
  • Bringing viable green solutions to the table
  • Educating and training our employees and sustainable building contractors to give them the tools to lead the way

While we’re in the business of building the landscape, it is up to us to build responsibly. Making a real difference today…for our world tomorrow.