Ben and coworker look at renderings on a screen together.

Meet Ben

Job Title
Vice President, Operations
Auburn University
Auburn, Alabama
Relaxed or Structured?
Hammer or Torch?
Fruit or Veggies
Speak or Listen?
Phone Call or Email?
Depends on the message
Science fiction or Fantasy?
Star Wars only

Construction gives me the opportunity to work in a dynamic environment where every day brings a new challenge and where delivering results is directly tied to success.

Group of construction workers on site.

Sports were a big part of my life growing up, and the skills I learned from playing on a team have had a strong influence on me. Before learning about the construction industry, I was leaning towards a coaching or teaching career. Now, as a construction industry professional, one of the best parts of my job is working with younger team members to develop their careers and then seeing them succeed in various roles. 



The summer before college, I worked really hard delivering construction materials for a local building material supplier. At that time, my supervisor suggested I look into the construction management program at Auburn University. Once I realized that my engineering, math and science skills aligned with this discipline, I chose to major in building sciences and pursue a career in construction.

Although my parents provided a lot of support while I was in college, I always had a job to ensure my academic success. Staying on top of my school work, nurturing relationships and working through college, shaped me into the person I am today. I continue to form a plan and do what it takes to accomplish my goals.


My parents were positive role models. They taught me good values, a strong work ethic and the importance of providing for yourself.



I had the opportunity to work for a large general contractor during college. This experience was, in terms of value, equivalent to my school curriculum and enabled me to hit the ground running from day one when I entered the industry.


Entering the Industry

Hired to work in an entry-level position as a Project Field Coordinator for a design-builder who specialized in outpatient healthcare projects. After completing a few jobs, I was promoted to Project Manager and then Senior Project Manager.

This early exposure to Project Management and self-performance of the design, architecture and engineering, allowed me to learn how to work with project owners and design teams at the start of my career. 


New Hire

Aerial view of Georgia State University Science Park project during construction.

Working on larger projects was a part of my career plan. My experience with design-build projects helped me secure a position as assistant project manager in McCarthy’s Southern region on the Georgia State University Science Park project. The biggest challenge on this project was delivering on client expectations to help set the tone for McCarthy’s reputation in Atlanta and the Southern region. Seeing our team perform so well and exceed our client’s expectations was extremely gratifying. 



Two construction workers shaking hands

Promoted to Project Manager while working on the Georgia State University Science Park project.

I pride myself in being organized, responsive and driven to accomplish more than is expected.  I strive to never leave others hanging or lose sight of the end goal.


Earned LEED AP Certification



Managed the Georgia State University Science Park 7th Floor and Park Enhancements projects.


Participated in McCarthy Management 101 Training


Worked on Georgia Tech Bunger Henry Carbonization Lab project and conducted HVAC Improvements on the Georgia Tech Marcus Nano project.



Participated in McCarthy Management 201 Training.


Promoted to Senior Project Manager on the Georgia Tech Engineered Biosystems project. The most challenging aspect of this project was its aggressive fast-track schedule. The project went from program concept to material completion in just 36 months, an incredible accomplishment for a complex public project. The flexibility of our project team to start construction and keep it moving forward while design was underway was truly exceptional

Ben sweeping a porch

I lead by example and never ask anyone to do anything that I wouldn’t do myself.



Promoted to Project Director. 

I have never turned down a project assignment, even if it wasn’t what I had previously planned. My willingness to take on what is in front of me has played a big role in my career growth.





Headshot of Ben Watkins on a job site

Promoted to Vice President of Operations in Altanta for the Southern region

At the end of the day, I want to be known as a person my co-workers and clients can count on to get the job done and who treated people the right way.