design-build collaboration

Design-Build Project Delivery

Collaboration for Decreased Costs and Faster Timelines

The design-build approach is effective because it engages design and construction team members early in a project to maximize team performance for owners. The collaborative delivery method offers owners a variety of benefits including allowing for up-front identification of potential issues that may arise during the construction phase so those issues can be resolved well before designs are finalized.

Ultimately design-build encourages collaboration and efficiency at every stage, saving owners time and money.

The McCarthy Approach

McCarthy’s teams have long embraced a collaborative process like that of design-build, uniquely positioning us to excel in with this type of project delivery. McCarthy has successfully implemented the design-build project delivery method on more than 200 projects, totaling nearly $5 billion. 

Our established program, which includes bringing crucial trade partners into the process, further increases the efficiency of design-build and amplifies value for clients from the start.

While the design-build project delivery method has existed for quite a long time, it has become much more prevalent throughout the industry in recent years. McCarthy teams across the country have been well ahead of this trend, completing design-build projects in industries such as education, healthcare, correctional, commercial, and more.

Interested to learn more about whether a design-build project delivery would be the best choice for your next project? The McCarthy team is always here to help.