Please incorporate the following into your routines every day:

Start your day with basic stretch and flex exercises. Incorporate regular stretch and flex routines into your breaks. This will prevent common soft tissue injuries that can occur after time away from the job.

Participate in in Task Hazard Analysis prior to beginning work. Completing the THA will help you keep your mind on the task at hand and will inform your approach to the work. If you do not lead the THA effort, participate and pay close attention to the plan for the work.

STOP WORK IF IT IS UNSAFE. This applies to you and to your fellow workers. If you see unsafe practices on the job, you have the right to tell those engaged in the work task to stop work until the approach has been reevaluated by the foreman. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Please look out for each other.

Communicate any special circumstances that you may have to your foreman or the jobsite superintendent. If you have issues at home as a result of last week’s weather, please keep us informed.

Follow COVID-19 protocols. McCarthy remains committed to the social distancing, masking and personal hygiene practices put in place to avoid the spread of COVID-19 on our sites. Continue to abide by these protocols.

Thank you for your commitment to safety — it is the most important thing we do every day.