Editorial: 02.26.2019

Building a Future Workforce through Respect

— Felipe Engineer-Manriquez, Director Lean

Man giving presentation on Last Planner System Conversations

The labor shortage for skilled craft and professionals continues to grow. Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) Chief Economist Ken Simonson said for the United States alone, “There has been no letup in demand for construction projects—or workers, even though the industry added employees at more than double the pace of the overall economy. In the past year, the average workweek in construction reached an all-time high and unemployment in construction hit a series low, indicating that contractors would hire even more workers if they were available.” 1

We are looking for the best and brightest at McCarthy Building Companies to help us in our ongoing quest to be the best builder in America. This goal is built on our core values of Genuine, All In and We Not I, and at the heart of each is a fundamental respect for people and the work we each do to deliver results. These core values map directly to all six of the Lean Construction Institute's tenets of Lean.

One example of how we strive to become the best builder is to use the Last Planner System (LPS) of Production Controls with Respecting People and Maximizing Client Value to deliver quality, reliability, operate with integrity and build trust. Our standard LPS onboarding workshops engage project owners, designers, engineers, contractors and trade partners to value themselves first and then extend it to others – respect. We ask targeted questions to reveal how reliable promises culminate in the ultimate customer handoff – client value.

These first two principles used in order, followed by creating flow, eliminating waste, embracing a mindset of continuous improvement, and finally optimizing the whole system, have been field tested since 2016. The monthly schedule improvements are just one of our results fully supporting our ongoing quest. McCarthy teams applying the principles continue to deliver projects safer, easier, better, faster and in a more enjoyable way each day across America.

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AGC of America, Construction Employment Climbs, Feb. 1, 2019

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