Press Release: 02.14.2014

Built to Last

School districts in the Southwest need construction quality they can count on.
A Warranty Promise Rooted in Personal, Dedicated Service

When planning to build or renovate a school facility, districts are often challenged to balance the many educational and district priorities against tight budgets. Despite these challenges, all are in agreement that the student experience cannot be sacrificed. Schools must be built with outstanding quality. They must be built to last.

McCarthy offers a Warranty Promise on each and every education project delivered in the Southwest.

More than a sophisticated software tracking tool, the McCarthy Warranty Promise offered to school district clients is based on personal, dedicated service. Unlike other firms, McCarthy’s Education Services team assigns a dedicated warranty manager to our projects focused on understanding and addressing each project’s unique needs. School district clients are introduced to this person during construction to provide an added level of personal service. This building expert becomes the single point of contact for any warranty questions or concerns.

In the event there is an issue that needs to be addressed, clients make one phone call. McCarthy’s warranty specialist takes it from there. Gone are the days of trying to sift through a list of subcontractors and suppliers to find a long-lost contact and then making multiple attempts to get a response. 

With one point of contact on our projects, it eliminates a lot of headaches and hassle for school districts managing multiple buildings and projects,” said Justin Dent, project director for McCarthy Southwest’s Education Services team. “During our 24-month warranty period, we check in periodically to ensure the quality of our project. We also schedule one-year and two-year warranty site inspections to resolve any issues prior to the expiration of the warranty.”

Dedicated Warranty Professionals
McCarthy’s warranty promise actually begins well before a project’s final completion date when this time period is formally activated. 

This early involvement means our warranty specialists can focus on:

  • Developing relationships with in-house teams from the very beginning
  • Immersing themselves in the unique complexities of each project as it is being built
  • Engaging subcontractors and consultants on the project while they are active on site
  • Participating in punch list and end-user training to ensure a smooth facility turnover
  • Leading one- and two-year warranty site inspections

Real-World Warranty Experience
McCarthy’s warranty professionals play a very important role in delivering quality projects. McCarthy uses its warranty calls and experiences to further refine and develop its construction methods, helping avoid future repairs.

As an example, at Constitution Elementary School in the Deer Valley Unified School District, the facility team was having challenges determining what was causing a set of lights to flicker, so they called Warranty Manager Sergio Pena. He was in contact with the subcontractor, Echo Canyon Electric, who met Sergio and the facilities manager at the school to troubleshoot the problem. Within an hour, the sensors were reprogrammed and additional training was performed with the facility team to eliminate future issues.

Owner representatives appreciate the ease of having one point of contact who works diligently to resolve issues as quickly as possible. This is especially important when it comes to serving schools.

Rick Freeman, director of facilities and operations for the Scottsdale Unified School District, believes that having dedicated support from a contractor when a warranty situation develops has been of great value to him. He said, “Traditionally, when a project is completed it is very difficult to get warranty support from a contractor. McCarthy has NOT fallen into that traditional mold. As situations develop and are brought to my attention, timely investigation and evaluation has taken place, followed by corrective actions.”

A Warranty Promise That Begins With Quality
McCarthy is the first construction company in America to have a fully integrated quality culture. For McCarthy, quality is standard practice every day and starts on Day One.

By embedding quality activities into the delivery process, McCarthy focuses on building every project right the first time. We call it Quality Without Question. The end result of this proactive approach?

A project that: 

  • Meets needs without nuisance issues
  • Maximizes the use of the dollars invested
  • Delivers the certainty of knowing the McCarthy team will be there once the project is completed

McCarthy backs its quality program with the McCarthy Warranty Promise – one point of contact and quick, efficient resolutions to any warranty issue.

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