Whitepaper: 01.11.2012

Engage Your Builder Early

Effective preconstruction efforts are paying off at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

McCarran International Airport
Terminal 3 Tenant and Site Improvements

Las Vegas, Nevada

“We have had positive experiences with McCarthy in the past. They have provided us expertise and dedication on our projects. I am confident that will continue on the Terminal 3 projects.”
—Randall H. Walker, director, Clark County Department of Aviation

It’s no secret that effective preconstruction planning can make all the difference on a project. Through early collaboration, the team is able to determine all aspects of a project before a wall is opened or a shovel hits the ground. Preconstruction with a general contractor allows for accurate construction costs and true scheduling. When done successfully, a client may even be able to adjust their project to add additional scope or improved furniture, fixtures and equipment (FFE) to the final product. This was definitely the case for McCarthy’s preconstruction team working on the McCarran International Airport Terminal 3 project.

Over this past summer, McCarthy was awarded the preconstruction for the final tenant and general site improvements for the soon to be completed Terminal 3. Over the course of six months, McCarthy worked closely with the Department of Aviation to thoroughly review and finalize the architectural drawings. While working with the owner and architect on the initial contracted scope of work the list of items grew from a dozen to nearly 200 items.

“The preconstruction phase is a great opportunity for our team to understand the owner’s and future tenant’s needs and provide a complete game plan,” said McCarthy Project Manager Josh Brummels. “The more details we can finalize with the owner and include on the construction drawings prior to the start of construction, the less in-field construction changes will occur.” 

Now under construction, McCarthy team members are on a four-month, fast-track construction schedule to complete the 198 items in time for the new terminal’s June opening. Among the items on the list are tenant improvements for the terminal’s 23 new tenants that will add a variety of stores, bars and restaurants to the Terminal 3 lineup. McCarthy also will be responsible for upgrading the passenger screening areas and installing automatic exit-lane barriers and boarding gates as well as interactive touch screen directories throughout the terminal. These state-of-the-art features will allow passengers to board and deplane quickly and efficiently.

“Any one of these items can be done in four months, but to get all of them completed in only four months requires a high level of communication, coordination and organization that McCarthy can readily provide,” explains Brummels.

McCarthy’s history with McCarran International Airport dates back nearly 30 years with the construction of the original air traffic control tower to the recent expansion of the Satellite D gates. McCarthy has also worked on several key projects for the new terminal, including the foundation package and the new 6,000-car, 2.3 million-square-foot parking structure.

Pierce Goodwin Alexander & Linville, Las Vegas

Project Personnel:
Director: Ray Sedey
Manager: Josh Brummels
Superintendent: Bob McKinnis
Staff: Tim Bennett, Patrick Griffin, Nathan Kowallis, Jerry Moore, Laura Manus

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