Press Release: 01.10.2012

Here Comes the Sun

The new 17-megawatt solar photovoltaic plant in Gila Bend gives Arizona solar power a big boost.

APS 17 MW Cotton Center Solar Station
Gila Bend, Arizona 

“This project is a shining example of local Arizona companies partnering to make significant strides in the renewable energy development of the state.”
—Devron Reddington, director of program management, SOLON

With the abundance of sunshine in the desert Southwest, McCarthy’s Southwest Division in partnership with MC Industrial, Inc., an independent McCarthy company, has been active in solar installations over the past few years and recently completed its largest project to date. The team commissioned a 17-megawatt solar photovoltaic plant in Gila Bend, Ariz., developed by SOLON Corporation and owned/operated by Arizona Public Service Company (APS).

Located on 145 acres of land with more than 93,000 photovoltaic panels, this system generates enough solar energy to power more than 4,000 homes. The panels are arranged on more than 100 SOLON single-axis trackers. This design enables the solar panels to follow the sun across the sky, making the plant more efficient than static-mounted panels typically seen on rooftops.

Energy from the solar plant will go toward meeting the Arizona Corporation Commission’s Renewable Energy Standard. This project is part of APS’s AZ Sun Program, which is expected to have 100 MW online by 2014 and to create more than 1,000 Arizona construction jobs.

“Through the AZ Sun program, we have been able to move quickly to begin building new solar power plants to complement our other generating resources,” said Don Robinson, APS president and chief operating officer. “We expect these plants to provide clean, reliable energy to our customers for at least the next 30 years.”

Project Personnel:
Director: William Higley
Precon. Director: Scott Canada
Manager: Mike Corso
Asst. Manager: Dan Brown
Superintendent: Mark Bales
Asst. Superintendent: Ryan Wegener
Staff: Christy Brooks, Kristy Siegel

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