Event: 11.07.2022

Join Us at Procore Groundbreak 2022

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McCarthy will be at Procore Groundbreak 2022. Join us throughout the event, including during the following presentations, to discuss trends in innovation, collaboration, safety, workforce development, and more. 


Procore Groundbreak Schedule

General Contractor Product Keynote: Optimizing for Collaboration and Productivity

Tue Nov. 08, 11:45 AM - 12:25 PM CST
2nd Floor, Rooms 293-294

General contractors are rising to today's challenges by leading the industry to a collaborative, highly productive future. In this session, Mccarthy will speak with Procore Product leaders about how Procore is helping the firm on that journey, by improving the lives of everybody across the businesses. Hear about the landscape of solutions Procore is providing right now to help GCs.

Technology for Transparency: A Modern Take on Safety

Tue Nov. 08, 11:45 AM - 12:25 PM CST
2nd Floor, Room 296

In this session, you'll learn how the right technology can enhance your safety program. Better transparency into safety metrics increases both participation and commitment to your team’s safety program. Discover how business intelligence can create a single view into your safety program and how owners, clients, and trade partners can benefit from increased transparency.

Grabbing the Diversity Needle and Breaking Ground in Construction

Tue Nov. 08, 2 PM - 2:40 PM CST
2nd Floor, Room 289

A diverse team is a strong and profitable group, yet many organizations still have a lot of progress to make before achieving their DEIB goals. This panel will discuss how to challenge pay disparity, advancement, discrimination, and more. Learn how to drive performance in a positive and impactful way by creating diverse teams.

Building the Foundation for Inclusion

Tue Nov. 08, 2:50 PM - 3:30 PM CST
2nd Floor, Room 296

Join McCarthy and other industry leaders as they discuss the second year of Construction Inclusion Week (CIW). During this roundtable conversation, you’ll learn more about why CIW was established, how it has evolved, and ways you can join efforts to attract, retain and develop the best talent for construction. Our speakers will share actionable ways to create a stronger culture of inclusion that enables everyone to thrive. 

Creative, Collaborative, Constructive: Technological Innovation Spurs Workforce Development

Tue Nov. 08, 2 PM - 2:40 PM CST
2nd Floor, Room 292

The importance of having a “people-first” mindset is imperative in an ever-shifting and dynamic construction technology landscape. Hear from leaders at McCarthy as they discuss key components to a solid and streamlined approach to process improvement, team collaboration in multidisciplinary environments and how to explore the benefits of an augmented workforce.

Lasting Connections with McCarthy

Events like Procore Groundbreak allow for collaborative opportunities that strengthen every organization involved. Let's keep the collaboration going. Contact an Aviation team leader today or reach out to learn more about what McCarthy brings to every project. 

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