Press Release: 02.18.2015

Newly Formed Construction Quality Executives Council Unites Industry

National group brings quality to the forefront

As design and construction requirements become more complex, a newly formed industry group is already working to ensure quality remains at the forefront. The Construction Quality Executives Council (CQEC), comprised of quality executives from America’s leading construction firms, was recently formed to advance the art and science of quality in the built environment.

Chad Dorgan, Vice President Quality and Sustainability with McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. and CQEC founder and president, recognized the need for the industry to unite on quality. “At the end of the day, our lasting impact as designers and builders hinges on the final quality of our building product. The formation of the Construction Quality Executives Council is an important unifying step to formalize an industry-wide commitment to quality.”

Quality in construction is not a new concept. Current industry quality processes and approaches are the culmination of several thousands of years of development and implementation as far back as 700 BC when China developed a comprehensive set of standards, inspections and training to provide high quality parts repeatability. Today’s current state-of-the-art construction quality programs have continued to evolve and adapt from within as well as adopting from other industries to incorporate applicable processes including total quality management (TQM), quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) and Lean.

Initially the CQEC is focused on sharing best practices in measuring quality in construction to promote industry-wide quality metrics comparable across projects and companies. Unlike safety, there is no single measure of quality. Standardizing quality metrics will offer owners and industry participants a standard measurement for quality. Initial efforts to share metrics across council members is already leading to reduction of incidents in industry systemic areas including flooring, water intrusion through building enclosures, and water from building systems.

About the Construction Quality Executives Council
The Construction Quality Executives Council (CQEC) was formed to advance the art and science of quality in the built environment. Consisting of representatives from leading design and construction companies who have a full-time Quality Leader at a company-wide (corporate) level with the active support of senior company leadership, the CQEC offers members the opportunity to present and share new methods and approaches to advancing the quality culture. Learn more about the CQEC at or join the conversation on LinkedIn.

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