Press Release: 08.15.2015

The Power of Teamwork

The largest single project ever undertaken for the San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) is now well underway. The Regional Transportation Center (RTC) is a $51.1 million, design-build bus maintenance facility, constructed by McCarthy with design partner Dreyfuss & Blackford Architects. Upon completion in 2016, the facility will be able to provide maintenance for approximately 250 buses, an improvement from the 50-bus capacity at the district’s former Metro yard.

Partnership and teamwork continue to be the foundation for this project’s success. McCarthy has been able to drive the project schedule through active engagement and involvement from the subcontracting team as well as by self-performing the structural concrete activities to control both schedule and quality in the beginning phases of construction. Once the site was cleared and grading operations commenced, it has been full steam ahead. By the end of July, the project was two weeks ahead of schedule and continuing to gain positive momentum. San Joaquin RTD Director of Facilities Wendell Krell said that, “working with McCarthy staff is turning out to be a very positive experience, and I expect we will discover synergistic benefits in the finished product.”

Since the early stages of the project, McCarthy has been working closely with San Joaquin RTD, Pennino Management Group and Arcadis U.S., Inc. All team members have added significant value and insight, and continue to contribute to the success of this design-build project. McCarthy Project Director Tim Albiani credits Preconstruction Manager Jay Yost as being an integral part of the preconstruction effort. “Jay has done an outstanding job listening to the client, understanding their needs, and then focusing his skills to ensure this design-build project incorporated the maximum desired scope, at the most optimum value, for the targeted budget.” 

In addition, the San Joaquin RTD project is piloting a new software platform, VeoTM by M-Six, to fulfill the project’s MEP coordination requirements. Since the software is cloud-based, the model can be downloaded and navigated by any team member in real-time. While the coordination module in Veo is still being developed, McCarthy is excited about the facilities management tools that Veo has the potential to offer this project. Naomi Whitesel, project BIM manager, believes that, “Veo’s strength is that it has the potential to become RTD’s facilities management solution.”

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