In the News: 01.31.2017

Rural Facelift: Landlocked Aging Campus Updated

Yuma Regional Medical Center

Medical Construction & Design

Yuma Regional Medical Center has undergone numerous renovations over its nearly 60 years in operation, to address the changing needs of the community it serves. 

The hospital recognized the need to proactively plan for more growth in Yuma and address some challenges that were deterring their ability to provide the type of positive patient experience that the hospital strives to achieve. Given limited site opportunities and intent on ensuring the new Emergency Department was properly located, McCarthy's construction team employed simulation modeling to vet potential sites. This allowed for the most efficient, proven by metrics, siting of the new Emergency Department.

As a result, the design and construction team developed and implemented a 13-phase approach for the expansion project. Several challenges still presented significant hurdles and required the team turn to last-resort solutions to achieve the goals of the hospital and serve the community without interruption. Learn how these challenges were overcome, and how the construction team delivered upon the goals of the hospital, allowing it to better serve its community after a successful healthcare campus renovation.


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