Editorial: 05.09.2019

A Safe Jobsite is the Foundation of Every Successful Project

There is a reason every day on a McCarthy jobsite starts with safety.

safety infographic

A strong safety culture directly impacts the wellbeing of each and every person on our projects. This personal commitment also directly translates to on-time delivery and monetary savings for owners. In other words, a safe jobsite helps clients achieve business goals. 

Embedding safety into our company culture propelled McCarthy to become a national leader in construction safety. We then took our innovative approach significantly further than most – working to improve safety not only for our own employees and crews, but also for our trade partners. This Total Project approach is garnering results and in 2018, we recorded our lowest Total Project Recordable Incident rate in our company’s history.

Our goal is to not only be the Best Builder in America, but also the safest. We’re working together with owners, industry partners, associations and communities to continuously improve. This infographic highlights how our unique approach to safety is making a difference.

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