Press Release: 07.31.2013

A Smooth Close-Out

Hakkasan Team Demonstrates Close-Out Success
Mobile tools are being used to streamline the construction close-out process and make owner move-in easier.

Simplicity is not often a word associated with one of the most elaborate entertainment projects in the country. However, McCarthy’s Hakkasan project team focused on simplifying the project to close out the 80,000-square-foot mega nightclub and restaurant in only 30 days. Armed with iPads and Autodesk’s BIM 360TM Field software, McCarthy utilized powerful technology tools to ensure the entire project team was linked together.

Time was of the essence to identify and assign nearly 700 punch list items. To streamline this process, the team divided the project into sections corresponding with each unique use of space. They designated one person to manage, record and summon the appropriate trade to fix or complete any items that needed attention.

“The traditional method of walking the site and later going back to your desk to send out a ton of emails wasn’t going to work on a project of this magnitude,” explains Jeff Wood, McCarthy project director. “There were a lot of high-end finishes incorporated throughout this project. BIM 360 Field software made it easier to conduct a visual assessment of the space and clearly convey our expectations to our subcontractors.”

Project drawings were uploaded onto an iPad. Then, rather than repeatedly walking the project with each stakeholder, the team was able to collectively walk each area and immediately identify and note any issues in the system. As a McCarthy team leader would locate an issue, they would take a photo of the identified concern, mark the location on the drawing using a push pin icon, and immediately send it to a subcontractor for resolution. The managers were also able to add notes, so subcontractors received a detailed description of the issue as well as a visual in real time.

“Having a photo and precise location of the item made our subcontractors more efficient and effective by eliminating guesswork and potential miscommunication,” said McCarthy Project Manager Nathan Kowallis. “It also reduced a lot of back-and-forth status emails. Instead, we were able to utilize system-generated reports to coordinate punch list sign offs.”

Coordinating the owner approval was the final step in completing the close-out in 30 days. Project personnel would wait until there was a significant amount of work completed before scheduling each walkthrough. As the owner’s representative would walk the site, McCarthy staff could use the iPad to show what was done and mark the item closed instantly. In the end, BIM 360 Field saved the team hundreds of hours on data entry, open item tracking, and close-out of the punch items. 

“Simply put, this was the quickest and most effective punch list process I have ever experienced,” said Richard Outram, facilities manager of Hakkasan Las Vegas. “McCarthy has set the bar for closing out projects.”

McCarthy is currently successfully utilizing Autodesk’s BIM 360 Field for coordinating quality, safety, work plan coordination, close-out and warranty. 

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