Press Release: 10.15.2015

STEM in Higher Ed

Clayton State University Celebrates Opening of New Science Building

View of Clayton State University's New Science Building from across pond

University representatives were joined recently by community and building team members to celebrate the completion of the highly anticipated new science building for Clayton State University. Constructed by McCarthy, the 64,000-square-foot facility, located on Clayton State University’s main campus in Morrow, Ga., is a certified Georgia Peach Belt Green Building.

Inside the $19.8 million science building are state-of-the-art instructional and research labs; two, 64-seat and three, 36-seat classrooms; offices and support space. Additional labs and classroom space for the natural sciences have been a critical need for Clayton State as the student population continues to grow. The new facility will create an environment to encourage STEM learning and benefit students majoring in science and allied health.

As a certified Georgia Peach Belt Green Building, the facility is recognized by the state for optimizing energy performance, increasing the demand for materials and furnishings produced in Georgia, improving the state’s environmental quality, conserving energy, protecting Georgia’s natural resources, and reducing the burden on the state’s water supply.

McCarthy was originally awarded the construction of Clayton State’s new science building in January 2010, along with architectural firm, SLAM Collaborative. When a new project design was needed, McCarthy and SLAM Collaborative worked closely with Clayton State to fully understand what aspects of the new science building were critical. 

“McCarthy did an outstanding job of going back to the drawing board and turning around a workable solution,” said Clayton State Vice President of Business and Operations Corlis Cummings. “They worked with us during the entirety of the process to make sure that our students were getting the best facility. They delivered excellent results, and we appreciate their hard work.”

Kevin Kuntz, McCarthy’s Southeast Division president, commented, “We are honored to have partnered with Clayton State University and to have completed construction of a new science facility that meets all of the University’s expectations. We’re excited to watch the campus grow in the coming years.” 

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