Whitepaper: 11.11.2013

Success on Small Projects

JOC Allows McCarthy to Deliver on Small Scopes 
by Justin Dent, McCarthy Project Director for JOC Services

Running a smaller construction project, whether it be a lab or classroom renovation, storm drain project, parking lot and sidewalk realignment or a cooling tower upgrade, requires well-coordinated scheduling and excellent attention to detail to manage costs while providing quality.  

During the past several years, McCarthy has been fine-tuning its processes to respond to clients’ smaller project requests in healthcare, K-12 and higher education. Our Job Order Contracting (JOC) project team was recently called upon to help Arizona State University with a University Center renovation. Various challenges existed, as they typically do with JOC projects, such as tight budgets, using complementary materials and limits on accessibility.

“As a project architect with Arizona State University, representing the University’s Capital Programs Management Group, working with an efficient contractor on smaller projects is critical to the success, staying on budget and making the timeline work,” stated Larry Sorenson.

Streamlining through Technology, Understanding and Creativity Paved the Way
As a result of the JOC team’s streamlined processes and responding to specific needs within the request, Mr. Sorenson reported, “They were instrumental in providing great suggestions that maintained the appearance of the facility while reducing the complexity (cost). In another instance, they located acceptable tile when the specified product was no longer available. These items were addressed using the McCarthy “look-ahead” schedules and the subcontractors provided extraordinary craftsmanship, ensuring the proper appearance.” 

McCarthy’s JOC team has demonstrated that a 150-year-old general contractor is capable of delivering for clients on their smaller scopes through its ability to adjust scheduling and use resources effectively. While JOC is typically used by public agencies and schools, more private sector entities in healthcare, semiconductor, high-tech, and large capacity manufacturing are now subscribing to the delivery method to ensure quality, efficiency, pricing and the benefit of professional supervision on project throughout the job. 

McCarthy’s JOC approach also was successful recently on project involving a parking lot needed for a Deer Valley school. The limited budget required identifying creative strategies and the commitment of a project lead to ensure everything went smoothly. “We are able to dedicate the people because we have the resources,” said JOC Team Director Parrish Rowland. “Extra attentive customer service on site eliminates issues while the project is happening and keeps us on time and on budget,” he added.

Making Your Life Easier
A key component of McCarthy’s JOC team is the service oriented model. As a partner with clients on smaller projects, McCarthy JOC team leaders serve as an extension of the client, particularly on the most complex projects. Each project team leader acts as the client’s personal general contractor, serving as the one direct contact on the project, alleviating headaches for clients as we dedicate our expertise and resources to the project. 

“Our project demonstrated the Customer Service orientation of McCarthy’s project team led by Parrish Rowland and Dave Howell, and their ease in communication with all parties,” stated Mr. Sorenson. “I especially was impressed at their long range thinking about the entire project. Their applications for payment were perfect and the close out process was very well done,” he added.

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