Press Release: 01.24.2016

Thirst No More and McCarthy Partner to Aid in Rowlett Tornado Relief

McCarthy construction workers preparing to aid in Rowlett tornado relief

Tornados that swept through the North Texas community of Rowlett on Dec. 26, 2015, left many literally without a roof over their heads but many organizations, companies and individuals have willingly aided in any way they can. The Texas Division of McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. recently partnered with the non-profit organization Thirst No More to help tornado victims in the Rowlett area. For two days – Jan. 22 and 23 – McCarthy employees showed up in force with equipment to demolish five homes and willing hands to separate construction materials and household items into piles of debris for removal. Demolition costs are costly but with McCarthy’s help, each family is able to save up to $40,000 that they can put into building a new home and starting over.

“McCarthy constructs buildings around the country, but when Thirst No More told us about the tornado damage and the opportunity to provide costly demolition services, we jumped right in,” said Charlie Buescher, McCarthy’s vice president of business development. “Our Heart Hats program gives McCarthy’s employees the opportunity to help the surrounding community, especially when a crisis occurs. To be able to assist and participate alongside families in the Rowlett area has been a true blessing for us.”

Thirst No More’s sole mission is to help and transform communities through the power of compassion. Thirst No More has worked in many catastrophic events, in regions where people have been ravaged by war, tyranny or natural disasters including Darfur-Sudan, the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.

“Thirst No More is pleased that McCarthy was willing to partner with us to assist those whose lives have been torn apart by the tornados. McCarthy was able and willing to provide a very important and expensive service to effected homeowners, helping to relieve a lot of anxiety,” said Craig Miller, president of Thirst No More.

Founded as a family-owned business in 1864 during the height of the Civil War, McCarthy is now 100 percent employee owned and is ranked the 12th largest domestic builder (Engineering News-Record, June 2015). For more than 150 years – with nearly 40 years in Texas – McCarthy has been building communities across America, both by constructing essential projects communities rely on, as well as by helping those who need assistance. To learn more about McCarthy’s Heart Hats program and the organizations that have benefited from this company-wide volunteer program, please visit:

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