In the News: 06.27.2017

Training on the Job

Denver Business Journal

McCarthy is tackling the labor shortage in Colorado and other markets head on.

Government agencies and industry organizations have launched various programs trying to jump-start interest in construction as a career, and individual companies like McCarthy are also working to develop solutions to this serious industry challenge.

McCarthy is implementing a method created during World War II to get employees on the job quicker.

Called "training within industry," this approach involves teaching superintendents how to train laborers as they work, without compromising safety or quality.

"From a hiring standpoint, there can be a lot of churn," explained Kevin Williams, senior vice president of McCarthy in Denver. "Labor is going to be the biggest challenge we all face for the foreseeable future. So, we invested in people and worked to develop processes around bring unskilled labor onto the site and get them up to speed to do efficient, safe and doing quality work, ensuring they're being productive from day one."


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