Editorial: 05.10.2019

We must treat every week like National Safety Week

— Kevin Maitland, Corporate Vice President, Safety

safety week

As we near the end of National Safety Week and the OSHA Safety Stand Down, it’s important to remember this week offers the industry an important opportunity to unite together in our focus and commitment to safety. We are proud to join in this community effort. This focus comes at the traditional time the construction industry kicks into high gear, so what better time to crystallize our ZERO INJURY expectation and celebrate safety? Our top priority is a zero-injury work environment, this week and all year long. We know we are stronger and safer together.

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As your building partner, our teams are committed to safe, hazard-free work conditions on every jobsite. When we work safely, morale is high, projects remain on track and owner business goals are achieved. Our goal is to be the safest commercial construction company in America, so our proactive approach to safety consistently exceeds OSHA standards. Our Total Project Incident Rate (TPIR) includes injury totals not only from our own teams, but also any of our trade partners working on the same project. Capturing this information and striving to improve as a project team sends a strong message that at McCarthy — and for everyone on a McCarthy jobsite — no priority is higher than safety.

As we look for ways to make Safety Week more meaningful, focusing on falls and fall prevention is one of the most important. Step ladder safety and falling object protection/prevention are critical parts of this overall plan.

Safety Week is a great time for our crews to share meaningful safety information and to ask our partners, “What can we do to improve safety on our project?” Our goal is to keep the spirit of Safety Week alive each and every day throughout the year!

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