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Specializing in Building Better Water Infrastructure

McCarthy Water, a team of more than 150 experts specializing in water and wastewater construction, is working with cities, counties and municipalities to help proactively address their growing water needs. With thorough evaluation of wastewater and water treatment systems, McCarthy provides solutions for addressing growing demands, increasing efficiency, and providing resiliency upgrades with smaller renovations as well as large project expansions.

Whether McCarthy’s water specialists are helping to resolve the need for improvements by upgrading existing or aging infrastructure, expanding service capacity, adding redundancy, or renovating a system, our years of experience allows us to provide cost certainty in the earliest stages of the project and ensure there is no impact to existing service during these critical projects, no matter the size.

Because our water team has built the most complex projects in the region, while also successfully completing smaller resiliency upgrades, clients in Arizona and around the country appreciate having access to McCarthy Water’s vast technical skills and project management experience on every job, no matter the size. Afterall, when it comes to water, it’s not worth taking any risks! 

"The level of coordination by McCarthy on UP05 allowed for a large amount of work to be completed with minimal impact upon operations of the facility. The advanced planning also afforded plant staff to continue with scheduled maintenance activities, as well as save money for our residents, a vital concern in these tough economic times." 
Rick Shane, Construction Project Manager of UP05
City of Phoenix

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Effective Planning with Preconstruction and Project Implementation

Beginning with preconstruction, we ensure our quality and safety measures are embedded in every aspect of our water and wastewater treatment plant construction projects. By planning effectively, McCarthy Water manages critical factors and stages of the project:

  • Working closely with the community, project team and owner to devise solutions that take into consideration needs and concerns of all involved
  • Coordinates with our Virtual Design Construction (VDC) and BIM teams by building the system virtually
  • Constructability reviews involving plant operations
  • Value Analysis and Value Engineering
  • Early cost estimating and cost models
  • Procurement — a process that gets you the best value on the equipment you want
  • Detailed minute by minute planning of shutdowns, known as maintenance of plant operations (MOPOs). The result — no unplanned outages, period 
  • Builds and manages project schedules for on-time performance
  • Start-up & Commissioning — planning starts day 1
  • Safety and Quality — zero accidents, no rework

McCarthy’s water team then implements each step, protecting the environment and communicating with the surrounding community and owner through every stage of the project, delivering on schedule and on-budget, no matter the complexities along the way.

With McCarthy Water comes the peace of mind knowing that your community will have their water needs met, better.    

Awards and Recognition

2018 ENR Best Project

Ocotillo Water Reclamation Facility
Engineering News-Record Southwest

arizona water association logo
2015 Water Reuse Project of the Year

Airport Water Reclamation Facility
Arizona Water Association

arizona division of occupational safety and health logo
2014 STAR Site

Airport Water Reclamation Facility
Arizona Division of Occupational Safety & Health

Arizona Water Association Logo
2011 Wastewater Project of the Year

Arizona Water Association
91st Avenue UP05 WWTP Expansion

arizona public works association logo
2010 Project of the Year

Public Works Environmental
Airport Water Reclamation Facility
American Public Works Association, Arizona

arizona water association logo
2010 Wastewater Project of the Year

Airport Water Reclamation Facility
Arizona Water Association

Arizona Water Association Logo
2010 Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Year

Ocotillo Water Reclamation Facility
Arizona Water Association

2008 Public Works Environmental Project of the Year

American Public Works Association
Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant

AZ Water Pollution Control Association
2007 Project of the Year

Arizona Water Pollution Control Association
Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant

ACI logo
2008 Exposing the Best in Concrete

Lake Pleasant Water Treatment Plant
American Concrete Institute


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