mccarthy women in construction

McCarthy Women in Construction

Meet the Employee-Owners at McCarthy: Women are Building our Community and Changing the Industry

Women in construction are often asked what it’s like to work in a predominantly male industry. The women at McCarthy hear this question frequently. Whether working on a jobsite, attending events or participating in a community or industry committee, it’s not unusual for people to wonder what it’s like for women to work in construction. McCarthy is leading this change. 

Through the McCarthy Partnership for Women, which launched in our Phoenix office several years ago, we’re recruiting, mentoring, supporting and providing development opportunities for McCarthy’s women from coast-to-coast.     


kristineVice President of Finance, Southwest Region

Member of the Regional Leadership Team

"I’ve always enjoyed helping my partners find solutions to the myriad of challenges we face on projects by offering perspective of my financial insight and background. And, when several years ago, a group of us came together in the Phoenix office to create what is now the McCarthy Partnership for Women, I was thrilled to be able to bring my 13 years of perspective as a woman in the construction industry to help other employee-owners at McCarthy thrive in their careers while also working to attract more diverse partners to our company and to the construction industry."


MegAssistant Project Manager, Denver

Growing up, Meg would have never guessed she would have a career in construction because no one in her family has worked in the industry and she always saw construction as a “guy’s world.”

While working towards a degree in civil engineering, Meg began an internship with McCarthy on a pharmaceutical plant and utility bridge — an experience that shattered her misperception of the construction industry. Today, Meg is an assistant project manager working on healthcare projects where she enjoys the variety of challenges she faces each day – such as working with various trades and assisting them with solving the challenges on their projects.

"Thanks to the great relationships I’ve built with my McCarthy partners, trade partners and clients, I am enjoying my management role. I am fortunate to work alongside some of the most intelligent and hard-working men and women around, and I appreciate the support from everyone at McCarthy as I continue to grow and develop in my career."

Ownership Makes a Difference

When McCarthy began more than 150 years ago, it was a family-owned business. In 2002, McCarthy transitioned to an employee-owned company, making everyone who works here an owner.   

As owners, our men and women are empowered to make an impact. Together we strive to continually improve as a company and to be the best builder in America. We believe that by achieving more for our clients, we all achieve more, grow and prosper. We succeed together; it’s the truest form of teamwork and a culture that only ownership can foster.


BaileyAssistant Project Manager, Las Vegas

In high school, Bailey realized that she wanted to build, thanks to a volunteer project with Habitat for Humanity. She began as a project engineer with McCarthy after graduating from ASU and now works in Las Vegas as an assistant project manager on the Las Vegas Stadium for the Raiders.

"I love my career because it allows me to be part of building our community. I feel an inexplicable sense of pride that I am part of building something that people will use for years. Being an owner amplifies this pride. In fact, I’ve found that the culture at McCarthy is unique because we are all invested in one another’s success so there is enormous support and mentoring to help everyone excel."

Mentoring, Training and Nurturing Talent

At McCarthy, we know how rewarding learning is. Our employee-owners place a high value on their development by investing in personal and professional growth and leadership training. Thanks to McCarthy making learning a major priority, our training program regularly earns national accolades and we nurture the development of our employee-owners.


andreaProject Director, Phoenix

Andrea, an 18-year McCarthy employee, has found success in the construction industry. As an owner and leader in the education services group, Andrea constantly strives to inspire others by maintaining a positive attitude and contributing to their professional development and success. 

"Seeing partners whom I’ve trained and mentored grow and take on more responsibilities and challenges gives me a sense of pride for being part of their professional development. As an owner, I enjoy investing in others at McCarthy and in our community."



AntonyaVice President, Southwest Region 

Antonya guides a large multi-state team in McCarthy’s Southwest Region. Her more than a decade of construction industry experience began in our Northern Pacific Region where she was involved in operations on a wide array of construction teams, ranging from education institutions and healthcare facilities to large justice projects.

"The opportunities at McCarthy are immense. And, as an owner, you get to make a lot of decisions about the professional experience you want to have. Thanks to the variety of training opportunities, I’ve been able to invest in my professional development and found enormous success. With the support of mentors from across the industry, I continue to have a very rewarding career at McCarthy."

McCarthy Employee-Owners Work Hard and Play Hard

Join our Team

Justin Kelton Justin Kelton, President, McCarthy's Southwest Region

At McCarthy we are always looking for top talent and individuals who can bring different perspectives to ensure we are cultivating a broad spectrum of ideas and developing the best solutions for our clients. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in construction and want to learn more about how you can become an owner at McCarthy, contact Christina Mohler, director of human resources for the Southwest Region.

"Whether they’ve landed in the construction industry by chance or because of their passion for building, engineering or design, we’re better because of the diversity of thought and leadership that women bring to McCarthy, our projects, our clients, our partnerships and our community." 


Christina Mohler

christinaDirector of Human Resources
Southwest Region