Transcontinental Printing Facility
Advanced Technology & Manufacturing — Fremont, CA

Transcontinental Printing Facility

McCarthy's commercial contractors constructed this 338,000-square-foot single-story building with a mezzanine newspaper printing facility.

This is the first industrial facility in the State of California to achieve LEED Silver Certification. The project team achieved LEED Silver status by diverting more than 95 percent of total construction waste and surpassing LEED credit requirements for using recycled content and materials. In addition, the facility's energy efficiency resulted in 17 percent more energy savings than required by California State Title 24 and earned a rebate from the "Savings by Design" program.


  • Kwan Henmi Architecture/Planning, Inc.

We are thrilled with McCarthy's performance on this project. They were able to deliver an extremely complex project under an aggressive timeline. Their ability to collaborate with building partners and identify construction challenges and solutions upfront was instrumental in the completion of our facility two months ahead of schedule. We were able to utilize that additional time to effectively install and commission the presses, train operators, and launch the printing of the San Francisco Chronicle on schedule.

Gary Hughes, Project Director
Transcontinental Printing Newspaper Group


Paul Erb

Paul Erb

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