4th Avenue Jail
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4th Avenue Jail

This 561,400-square-foot facility in Maricopa County included a five-story detention tower with 1,116 cells and 1,360 beds. The project provided for adult cells, a small dormitory, a 144-cell special management unit, two initial appearance courtrooms, two early felony processing courtrooms, court support facilities, centralized booking intake, release, property storage, visitors processing, central administration, food, laundry and supply services.

This complex jail facility consists of interdisciplinary high technology systems which included: integrated high security systems, security electronics, low voltage equipment, pneumatic locking devices, HVAC control systems, touch screen security technology, closed circuit t.v. systems, custody intercoms, uninterruptible power source systems, local intercom systems, coordination with video equipment installation, security hardware and doors, biometric and card access systems. Included in the project was an under-street tunnel system to move inmates to the court facilities in a secure environment.

The facility is a mid-rise, cast-in-place concrete structure with a basement level. Cell demising walls are steel sandwich panels. The exterior architectural materials included brick, glass blocks, and metal panels. In addition, approximately 45,000 cubic-yards of concrete were poured during this project.

This state of the art facility is considered to be one of the most secure and technologically advanced facilities in the nation, in addition to being the largest county jail expansion in history.


Construction Manager

  • Hunt Jacobs


  • The Durrant Group, Inc.


  • HOK
  • Strand Associates


Antonya Williams

Antonya Williams

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