Texas A&M Wellborn Road underpass
Heavy Civil & Transportation — College Station, TX

Texas A&M Wellborn Road Underpass

McCarthy was the prime contractor for the construction of two 2-lane vehicular roadways and two 30-foot wide pedestrian pathways, which transverse under existing Wellborn Road and UPRR at the Old Main Drive Intersection.

The grade separation consisted of new 80-foot bridge structures to carry Wellborn Road and UPRR tracks over the vehicular roadways and pedestrian walkways. It required construction of a railroad “shoo-fly” track to temporarily divert trains to allow construction of the railroad bridge structure. The scope included extensive site work, underpass excavation, concrete paving and road work, railroad track and bridge construction, temporary shoo-fly rail track, utilities, drainage, landscaping, pavers, lighting and electrical work. McCarthy self-performed concrete paving, placement and finishing, bridge erection, site preparation and subgrade, sheet pile, excavation and embankment. Work occurred in and around active tracks as over 20 trains per day pass directly through the jobsite.