Several people helping to build wagons

In The Community

Our Hearts are Always in the Right Place

Building stronger communities goes beyond constructing spaces where people live and work. We are passionate about building our neighborhoods and improving lives by helping those in need. Some people call it giving back — we just call it being a good neighbor.

Heart Hats — Making a Real Impact

In 2005, we formalized McCarthy Heart Hats®, our national community outreach program, to build on our long legacy of giving back. Since then, McCarthy and our employees have donated more than $20 million and spent thousands of hours giving back to our communities.

The Heart Hats approach is personal. It’s more than writing a check and calling it a day – it’s about time, passion and a commitment to making a difference. Our employee-owners are the driving force behind our efforts to give back. Many of the more than 200 organizations and causes we support every year are inspired by requests from individual employees who have a personal interest in the cause and are committed to making an impact.

Putting Our Skills to Use

Our people are often characterized by their willingness to go above and beyond. That passion extends to helping people and communities near our jobsites and offices. We give generously of our time and skills to build homes with Habitat for Humanity, playgrounds and school enhancements, ramps to make homes more accessible and so much more.

Making Caring Easy

All of our employees are offered a paid day off each year to volunteer their time and talents to make a difference in our local communities. We stand behind our commitment to giving because being a good neighbor is the right thing to do.