For decades, our clients have entrusted McCarthy to build some of the most technically challenging 24/7 facilities dedicated to keeping us safe while protecting our personal data. From sophisticated data centers to complex operations and control centers, we know what it means to build and work within live operating facilities where “downtime” is not in our vocabulary.

Internet connectivity has become a utility as crucial to our everyday lives as water and electricity. For both personal and business uses, we have transitioned almost entirely to web-based data storage and applications. The cloud exists physically in the rows of servers inside elaborate data centers across the world. We are proud to build facilities that keep our economy moving and our society connected.

As the nation’s oldest privately held general contractor, we operate with your goals in mind and use our extensive expertise to understand the unique aspects of site feasibility, project costs, constructability, critical path scheduling and commissioning of these crucial facilities.


Ryan Ferguson

Ryan Ferguson

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