Based in St. Louis, the Central Region stretches from the Great Plains to the East Coast, covering about 30 states. Because of its centralized location, this region is known for its’ ability to nimbly respond in all directions, quickly assembling teams and providing support for our clients and partners – no matter the location. With construction capabilities including advanced technology and manufacturing, healthcare, federal and community infrastructure, and education sectors, we’re prepared to team up with design and engineering partners across the country to manage your project from inception through completion.


With full-services offices in Dallas, Houston and Atlanta, the McCarthy Southern Region stretches from Texas to the Carolinas. Since the 1970s, McCarthy has been a trusted partner for clients across this region, completing more than $9 billion in projects to transform communities and improve lives. Urban, rural, downtown or out of town, we have delivered a wide range of projects ranging from complex healthcare, education, science & technology, aviation and entertainment projects, to the specialized markets of solar, water/wastewater and civil/marine. If you’re looking for a partner who is passionate about making a difference in every community and neighborhood we work in and who will work strategically with you to achieve your business objectives, contact us.


The old west isn’t so old anymore – it’s filled with booming communities that require top-notch facilities. From Colorado to Arizona, this region features a diverse and ever-growing population with expanding facility needs. We work to ensure your strategic goals are maximized and that you and your communities benefit from the value that comes from true collaboration and a laser focus on quality. From healthcare to education, infrastructure to transportation, we want to be your partner from start to finish.

Southern Pacific

Our Southern Pacific offices are known for delivering some of the most complicated, high profile and innovative projects for clients who demand perfection. For example, our expertise and strong relationships with California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) keeps things moving smoothly on healthcare projects – helping clients achieve and often exceed their goals. When it comes to education, our ability to effectively and efficiently collaborate with our design and engineering partners and the Division of the State Architect (DSA) enables us to continue to enhance the experience for educators and students within your communities. Our dedication and commitment to fully understand not just the needs of the community but your strategic goals make us able to help you maximize the outcome of your facility.

Northern Pacific

This region spans the most economically diverse and populated regions in the nation. We build throughout San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area, including the Peninsula and Silicon Valley, as well as Sacramento, the Central Valley and major markets within the Northwest states. Living in the heart of innovation, it is our goal and passion to deliver exceptional, high-performance facilities to match our client’s needs, goals, services and culture. We do this through true collaboration, commitment to quality and technological advancements, like virtual reality, to enhance the building experience. We enjoy engaging with and leaving lasting impressions on the communities in which we serve.