Renewable Energy Construction

Every renewable energy project is an opportunity to make a difference. McCarthy has prioritized tackling large renewable energy construction projects to leverage our unique capabilities, resources, and expertise to support commercial renewable energy production across the country. Trust our team to support your sustainability initiatives as your renewable energy contractors.

Let’s build something, together. Contact us today to get started.

Building Renewable Energy Projects At Scale

The larger the project, the bigger the opportunity. Clean energy construction allows businesses, utilities and municipalities to invest in their communities and support a healthy and sustainable future for us all. Solar field construction and wind farm construction farms support those ambitions by lending design, procurement and construction services to bring renewables online.

Solar Field Construction

McCarthy is working with organizations in several states to bring solar farm construction projects online at a record pace. As one of the top solar construction companies in the US, we manage everything from site evaluation to photovoltaic construction.

To drive solar projects forward, we offer:

›              Permitting and regulatory guidance

›              Recruiting a local workforce

›              Environmental consultation

›              Solar facility design and engineering

›              Material procurement

›              Infrastructure construction

›              Panel and equipment installation

›              Facility support and energy storage housing


Coast to coast, utility-scale solar installation projects are providing reliability, favorable rates and social responsibility for energy-intensive businesses, municipalities and utilities alike by leveraging the power of the sun.

Wind Farm Construction

Successful wind farm projects start with sound planning. Coordinating with wind turbine manufacturers, optimizing the wind farm layout, and meeting project deadlines in planning, approval, material delivery and installation all require constant monitoring and focus. McCarthy brings wind energy projects together with a can-do attitude and experience in every phase of design and construction. Count on McCarthy for everything you’d expect from one of the industry-leading wind farm construction companies in the US, including:

›              Project scheduling

›              Technical support

›              Wind engineering and design

›              Materials and equipment procurement

Your Partner in Renewable Energy

As a sustainable builder and renewable energy Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) contractor, McCarthy delivers the lowest cost of delivered energy to maximize the financial returns of each project, whether it be a 50MW project or a large 300+ MW solar farm. McCarthy is experienced in scaling up or down as well as recruiting and training an effective local workforce to complete projects on time and on budget.

With EPC capability, we bring significant buying power and technical resources to your solar energy, wind energy, geothermal or biomass renewable energy project, driving out inefficiencies in cost and performance on your behalf.

Renewable Energy Construction Solutions

Wind and solar are vital pieces to the world’s sustainability puzzle, but they aren’t the only options. McCarthy provides additional renewable energy construction solutions as integrated or stand-alone means of energy production. Learn more about our experience in designing and crafting:

›              Single-scale energy storage

›              Utility-scale energy storage

›              Geothermal energy production

›              Biomass production

Renewable energy is a financially competitive and necessary part of our nation’s strategy to improve the way we create and consume energy. Investing in renewables reduces the risk of energy dependency and makes us less vulnerable to energy price volatility.

Building a Brighter Future with Solar

Take ownership of energy costs with renewable energy production. Investing in a sustainable future is the right thing to do for society and your business. Commercial entities, municipalities and utility operators can make the change. Contact us today to start your renewable energy journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are renewable energy projects financed?

Renewable energy projects are financed by various grants, loans, subsidies and other methods. Federal and state energy programs offer direct financing generated from tax income. Today, most funding for renewable energy projects is made available through syndicated loans. McCarthy can help customers identify financing solutions as a part of our pre-planning process.

Where is the best place to construct solar energy?

The best places to install solar energy facilities share a few key characteristics. Most important is ample sunshine, few days of cloud cover per year, as well as states with accessible financing solutions for qualified businesses. Hawaii, California, New Jersey, Colorado, and Florida are considered some of the best locations for solar farms in the US.

Do you offer guidance on how to evaluate renewable energy projects?

McCarthy and local agencies can help you evaluate the potential economic and financial viability of solar sites. Most projects start with a renewable energy project feasibility study. The EPA offers several resources and tools to begin your feasibility evaluation.

How are renewable energy projects connected to the grid?

Depending on the number of kilowatts generated, the consistency of generation, and the capacity of the local grid, renewable energy projects contribute to the grid in one of two ways. Smaller solar facilities, typically generating between 500 kilowatts and 5 megawatts, contribute power via distribution lines, which are separate from transmission lines. Larger installations connect to the grid by a mix of distribution lines and transmission lines based on the region. 


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