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McCarthy Mapping

Mapping the Past to Build the Future

McCarthy Mapping is our national subsurface utility mapping team that provides you with a thorough understanding of the utilities that lie beneath your jobsite. Using the most sophisticated geophysical, geomatics and design software tools, we accurately locate and graphically represent underground infrastructure before it can negatively impact your project.

Benefits That are Easy to Locate

Our subsurface mapping approach increases safety and cost certainty, reduces design and schedule delays, and protects the customer experience. Here’s how:


Knowing what’s below your jobsite improves communication and allows project teams to implement the appropriate safety measures.


The results of our mapping approach help project teams plan with confidence and increase cost-certainty earlier in the design and preconstruction process.


Project teams can improve the design and efficiency of utility routing, site grading, foundation locations and building layouts when you know what’s already underground.


Mapping results remove common delays due to underground unknowns and provide greater clarity on construction schedules.


Protect the ongoing and future customer experience by removing unknowns, increasing safety, reducing delays and avoiding costs.

Uncovering Serious Value

We have never mapped a jobsite without finding one or more potential issues. Even small additions add up when they help you avoid costly underground surprises. In a study conducted by Purdue University’s Department of Building Construction Management, it was determined that a savings of $4.62 can be experienced for every $1 spent on subsurface mapping.

In one intersection alone, the utility mapping service created a saving of approximately $2 million on a single change order.

Ryan Fordyce, Project Manager

The Right Tools for the Job

Our team collaborates with owners and designers to understand every project’s specific mapping needs. Based on those requirements and what we expect to find, we deploy the most appropriate tools needed to accurately examine your project site. Our array of tools includes:

  • Electromagnetic Utility Locators
  • Ground-Penetrating Radar
  • Hydro-Excavation
  • CCTV Truck with Lateral Launch Capability
  • Acoustic Pipe Locators
  • Infrared Energy Pattern Analysis
  • 360 Reality Capture
  • Colorized LiDAR Scanning
  • Drones
  • 3D Printing

Going Beyond What’s Standard

Working within the American Society of Civil Engineers’ 38-02 Standard has long been the rubric of our mapping service. Even within these industry guidelines, not all products are created equal. Our turnkey mapping service offers an unmatched level of quality and comprehensive detail that will be an asset to you before, during and after construction. 


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