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Employee Ownership


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100% Employee Owned

Personally vested in your success

Collaborative Delivery

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Joshua Giles

The ownership culture is living our core values and making this a great place for current and future partners. It’s what makes McCarthy unique!

Caitlin Starke Senior HR Business Partner

To me, ownership is being able to identify a positive change or improvement you'd like to see, and feeling empowered enough to make a plan and drive for that change.

Denzil D'Sa Preconstruction Director

Employee ownership means that each one of us is empowered to take action and make decisions.

Adam Sangl Project Director

Employee ownership is our secret sauce.  It’s what makes McCarthy different.  It drives how we approach our work, how we make decisions, how we value relationships and how we feel accountable to the communities in which we work. 

Robyn Feezel Vice President, Total Rewards

Ownership means coming to work every day and treating the job like it’s my personal life. Every day I am protecting my family (my people) and finances (job profitability) and making sure my family and trade partners are safe and enjoy the day.

Maryann Skraba Project Director

I personally think we have better outcomes because we are all partners and hold each other accountable.

Alisa Lewis Project Manager

The ownership we all have in this McCarthy family, created through the ESOP, solicits the emotion to genuinely care more for one another and make decisions to protect each other and our projects.

Ryan Bader Vice President EQUIP Operations

As a McCarthy employee-owner, when I genuinely care about my actions and work toward the betterment of the company we own, I can’t help but acknowledge I’m not only working for myself, but for the collective “we".

Josh Giles Regional Data Analyst
01 / 08

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