Deer Valley Water Treatment Plant
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Deer Valley Water Treatment Plant

During the three-year construction of the Deer Valley Water Treatment Plant East Basins Reconstruction project, over 80 percent of the 150 workers on the project resided in the West Valley and provided a large source of income for numerous West Valley residents. The water treatment plant produces 25% more water than the previous plant and is able to produce more water on a smaller footprint using less energy than before. This benefits the community by allowing for growth of the West Valley without putting strains on water production.

The new treatment plant produces a larger amount of high-quality water to the residents of the West Valley. This water is used in residential dwellings, commercial spaces, restaurants and landscaping. Being able to utilize water for these numerous applications allows this region to be developed into a very user-friendly place. All of the numerous retail locations, sports venues and housing communities require water to exist. The Deer Valley Water Treatment Plant East Basins Reconstruction project produces this large volume of water that is required to ensure that the West Valley is a desirable place to live, work and be entertained.


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McCarthy was instrumental in the seamless reconstruction of this facility. This team was a true testament to what a cohesive partnership is capable of. I attribute the overall success of the project to focus and the streamlined process they implemented.

Troy Hayes, Water Quality Admininstrator
City of Phoenix


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Antonya Williams

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Deer Valley Water Treatment Plant
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