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The futuristic brown and beige tanks at the Greenfield Water Reclamation Facility. The beige and brown holding tanks at a large water facility.
Our Work

Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant

Gilbert, AZ

Marcus Gilmore

Marcus Gilmore

Sr. Manager, Business Development

7930 Santa Fe Drive, Suite 200
Overland Park, KS 66204

We had a budget-challenged project from the start and McCarthy/Sundt drove the project team in a proactive manner that added significant value to the Greenfield WRP project. McCarthy/Sundt provided exceptional client services throughout the design and construction phases and I would strongly recommend them for future projects.

Peter Knudson
Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant

Awards and Recognition

  • 2021 Southwest Region Best Project

  • 2008 Public Works Environmental Project of the Year

  • 2007 Project of the Year

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