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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

The 200,000-square-foot landside modernization project at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, including the addition of two canopies over all traffic lanes at the north and south terminals, serves as a stunning gateway to the world’s most traveled airport. 104 million passengers walk through Hartsfield-Jackson every year.

Nearly the length of three football fields, the canopies create a dramatic entrance to the Domestic Terminal from both the ground and sky, while protecting travelers from the elements and improving the passenger experience. In addition to the stunning canopies, work includes vestibule renovation at 13 terminal entrances, upgrades to terminal building facades, and renovation of the domestic terminal security screening checkpoint.

Each canopy is supported by 19 super-trusses standing 74 feet high and 195 feet long. In total, each canopy will span 864 feet, be covered by 10,000-square-yards of ETFE material and thousands of LEDs. The super-trusses are fabricated off-site, received in five pieces, welded together on site and erected. Most of the steelwork is completed overnight to minimize disruption to travelers. In order to support the steel, existing utilities were relocated and 21-foot concrete piers built into the ground. The completed canopies will consist of 3,500 tons of steel and the piers will contain 1,133 cubic yards of concrete.

The team utilized a variety of construction technology to determine the project’s feasibility, communicate with owners and partners, determine the best ways to minimize disruptions to the traveler experience, and schedule work to ensure safety and convenience while working over eight lanes of busy vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Careful planning and coordination with airport operations, police, and airlines ensures safety for the team and the 275,000 people that pass through the jobsite every day. The airport and roads will remain fully operational throughout construction.


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