Westside Water Treatment Plant
Water & Wastewater — Fort Worth, TX

Westside Water Treatment Plant

This new 69,700-square foot water treatment facility has an initial treatment capacity of 12 million gallons per day (MGD) and an ultimate capacity of 35 MGD. The treatment process includes construction of pre-treatment facilities including ozone contact, rapid mix, flocculation and high rate-sedimentation basins, membrane filtration, washwater recovery basins, recycle pump station, 2.5 MG ground storage tank, high service pump station, operations and administration facilities, ozone and chemical building, electrical building, civil work and necessary appurtenances. The completed facility is expandable to accommodate a final capacity of 35 MGD to meet the future needs of the City.

This project is unique in the amount of treatment systems utilized in the treatment process to produce the high quality water that the City of Fort Worth is producing. This plant utilizes ozone as a pretreatment, biological filters and membrane filtration to create a high quality finished product for distribution to the City of Fort Worth's water customers. The plant is located in west Fort Worth to accommodate future city growth and was designed to accommodate future expansion of the plant and site as water demand increases.

Project with City of Fort Worth
Self-Performed Work


  • LTS Design Group


  • CDM Smith

The Westside Water Treatment Plant is the first project that McCarthy has bid on for the Fort Worth Water Department. To date, their performance on the Westside Water Treatment Plant is consistent with the positive feedback we received during the contractor prequalification assessment prior to the bidding.

Frank Crumb, Director
Fort Worth Water Department


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