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The RTC project consists of three buildings to support the maintenance, fueling, and washing of the growing San Joaquin Regional Transit District’s (RTD) fleet of buses and service vehicles. All three of the new buildings are CMU structures with steel frames and industrial/commercial finishes. 

The first of the three is the 100,000-sf Maintenance Building that is home to 20 repair bays, eight bus lifts, two vehicle lifts, an electronics repair shop, machine shop, signage shop, storage, parts room, brake shop, training rooms, drivers lounge, wellness room and offices.

The second building is the 20,000-sf Fuel, Brake, and Tire Building with four fueling, detailing and brake inspection lanes along with a tire shop. 

The third building is the 8,000-sf Wash Building that has an automatic bus wash lane with room for expansion to add a second, and two steam cleaning lanes. A large canopy covers both the Fuel Building and the Wash Building.

The buildings are set on a 10-acre site that is predominantly surfaced with concrete paving with storm water pump stations and bio swales to manage on-site site drainage.

McCarthy partnered with Dreyfuss & Blackford Architects for a collaborative design-build process. The Design-Build process was somewhat unique on this project in that the original design started out as essentially a copy of a recent maintenance facility constructed in Orange County. Budget constraints and customizing the facility to the size site that RTD had acquired in Stockton presented us with the challenge to deliver all of the functionality of the more robust facility in Orange County, in a smaller facility with a smaller budget.

In addition to self-performing the structural concrete and embeds, McCarthy also took on the challenge of expanding self-perform capabilities by taking on additional scopes such as doors, frames, and hardware, casework and several Division 10 scopes such as lockers, toilet partitions and accessories, and projection screens to name a few. Pre-planning and execution of these self-perform components certainly contributed to McCarthy’s ability to manage the project schedule and finish early.  


  • Dreyfuss & Blackford Architects




  • Capital Engineering Consultants, Inc.
  • Miyamoto International, Inc.
  • Morton & Pitalo, Inc.

It was an excellent experience working with the McCarthy team on this project. The team was very professional and made great efforts to deliver a successful project to the client. I look forward to working with the team again on future projects.

Mike Ching, Associate
Dreyfuss & Blackford Architects

Literally the finest and most optimistic team in our industry, whom are all committed to this project's success and to the greater San Joaquin community's public transportation needs.

Brad Chadwick, Sr. Construction Manager
Arcadis U.S., Inc.


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Jay Yost

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